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Firm Foundation

If your child wants to become a champion, the first step is mastering the basics.

Lesson #1? Having fun. At Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do, we believe that the secret to success in the martial arts is developing a love for the sport before anything else. When students have a genuine passion for Tae Kwon-Do, they practice and perform with a level of vigor, enthusiasm, and confidence that can’t be taught. When it comes to our young students, fostering that passion is our top priority. We teach students basic Taekwondo stances and techniques in a way that is fun and exciting. By incorporating lots of drills and group activities, students don’t even realize how much they’re learning while they’re playing and getting their energy out.

Vital Values

Young Brothers’ Tae Kwon-Do training is every parent’s dream. We believe that instilling lifelong values and morals from a young age is just as important as teaching students the perfect side kick. At Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do, we teach our children’s martial artists how to practice respect towards adults, demonstrate discipline in school and at home, be patient and kind with friends and classmates, eat healthy and take care of their bodies, and stay safe. By enrolling your child in a Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do class, you are setting them up for success in their future friendships, academic experiences, and life choices.

Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do Children Tae Kwon-Do

Caring Community

One of the most important parts of childhood is establishing meaningful friendships. The Exchange Family Center said it best: “Friendships developed during the preschool and early school years give children valuable contexts in which to learn and practice skills related to social, cognitive, communicative, and emotional development.” Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do creates an environment where students get to train together, encourage each other, and develop friendships that go far beyond the Do Jang.

At Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do, we care deeply about each and every one of our students. When you enroll your young student in one of our classes, you are providing them with a safe space where fitness is fun, mistakes are welcomed, and growth is viewed as an ongoing process. Join us today and watch your child blossom!

Having Fun

When it comes to teaching our youngest students Tae Kwon-Do, our first priority is simple – have fun! We believe that the key to creating talented martial artists is first instilling a love for the sport. Our children’s class introduces the basics of Tae Kwon-Do and teaches lessons of kindness, respect, and self-esteem – all while helping them improve their social skills. Join today and change your child’s life forever!

Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do Children Tae Kwon-Do

Serves as an Escape

In today’s digital world, it’s vital to ensure your child doesn’t miss out on their childhood tethered to screens. Furthermore, Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do offers an escape from this constant digital presence. Importantly, we firmly believe that Tae Kwon-Do serves as a sanctuary where students not only avoid digital noise but also, in addition, regain focus and find relief from academic and social pressures. Consequently, our program empowers children to set meaningful goals and experience accomplishment and fulfillment that’s hard to find online.”

Teaches Discipline and Respect

We know what you’re probably thinking – “If my goal is to reduce my child’s screen time, why not just enroll them in any other activity?”

Great question! Unlike all other athletic activities, the martial arts focus on teaching life lessons just as much as they focus on teaching physical skills. Though its exact origins are not completely determined, the roots of Korean Tae Kwon-Do is believed to have been around for centuries. Historically, this discipline didn’t just focus on the physical – it focused on the mental, emotional, and moral character as well. Tae Kwon-Do requires students to demonstrate discipline and respect both in and out of the Do Jang. This means paying attention in class, referring to your instructors with the correct terminology, practicing at home, and respecting your parents and elders. At Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do, we aren’t just creating amazing martial artists, we’re creating amazing people.

Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do

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